The committee is presently in a “holding pattern” as we consider how best to move forward with this initiative.  To begin more formal discussions or to take action on the school, we need more families interested in participating.  The committee has had productive discussions over the past year about various scenarios for starting the school.  Once the prerequisite interest and support is there, we have several options, including:

  • Home-schooling co-op: Parents who are already home-schooling teach their children together.  This could be done in cooperation with a local church.  Parents split up teaching responsibilities.  New families would be welcome to join the group.  Parents not contributing teaching time could pay a nominal tuition fee instead.  This option would require the least start-up funding and would have low costs for the participating parents.
  • Grammar stage school: A school starts that covers grades 1-4, with the objective to expand the school to higher grades as the children get older.  This option requires more start-up funding and higher tuition fees.

Either option requires a number of committed families.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can add your name to the list of interested families.