Written by Claudia

In our household, we don’t have TV. We don’t have Playstation or Wii. We limit our children’s access to the computer. But we do allow our children to listen to anything they want to — as long as they can find it on their iPods.

So what is on their iPods? Let me give you a partial list:

1. A good variety of orchestral music.
2. Hymns sung by St. Paul’s Lutheran Children’s Choir (Fort Wayne, Indiana).
3. The Small Catechism set to music.
4. Voice recordings of poems that the children are memorizing.
5. Children’s audiobooks — in German.
6. Spelling lists for school.
7. Latin curriculum audio CD.
8. Liturgical and sacred choral music.
9. Bach, Bach, and more Bach.
10. A really good recording of Handel’s Messiah. (It’s a family tradition for us to take the kids to a live performance every year.)
11. Audio files of the children’s youth orchestra concerts.
12. German children’s folk songs.
13. Classical Kids storybooks (Mr. Bach Comes to Call, Vivaldi’s Ring of Mystery, etc.)

As we update the content on their playlists for them, they are often surprised by what they discover. A few days ago, our five year-0ld son exclaimed to his seven year-old sister: “Guess what I found on my iPod?! I have ‘Lo! He Comes with Clouds Descending!’ Quick!! What number is it in the hymnal? I want to sing along!”