The bureaucrats of our public education system are providing a new service of which you may not be aware.  They have assumed the role of “co-parent” for your children.  Check out what Gregg Bereznick, the Superintendent of Education at the Waterloo Region District School Board, had to say.  Kudos to Kris Sims for asking the question that was on everyone’s mind (HT: Brian Lilley):

For those who haven’t heard, this whole thing started when a Kitchener father was arrested at his daughter’s school after his daughter drew a picture of a gun.  The student’s co-parent (formerly known as ‘teacher’) reported the drawing, which quickly had Family and Children’s Services jumping into action like the Keystone Kops.  Read more here and here.

What do you think about the state co-parenting your children?  Are people making a big hullabaloo over nothing, or are we seeing some insidious philosophy at work?