The conference may be over, but the effects it will have on my thinking about Lutheran education and my practical approach to teaching and parenting will continue long after I get home.

I have met many interesting people this week. It was a great privilege to talk to and learn from some of the leading thinkers within the Consortium for Classical and Lutheran Education. This organization has contributed so much to the Lutheran education movement. As Dr. Tallmon pointed out in his recent article in the Lutheran Witness, and reiterated in his breakout session today, classical Lutheran education is the key to unlocking the Scriptures. If we want our children, who are not only the next generation of our families, but also the next generation of the church, to understand the Scriptures, we need to equip them with an education that will enable them to do that. Furthermore, the future of the Lutheran church and its ability to defend the Truth and proclaim the Gospel in a post-modern world depends on pastors and lay people that can think critically, identify logical fallacies in the heresies that the devil will continue to throw into our midst, and make persuasive, well-reasoned arguments against them. The Lutheran church needs classical education.
I have a few other thoughts running through my head that I want to share here, but since my flight is boarding, I will write those in a separate post.