The way we have done our daily family devotions has been gradually changing to meet the needs of our growing children.  It has surprised us how much children can absorb when they are challenged.  Our latest practice has been to read the Scripture verse-by-verse, going around in a circle between our 4-, 6-, and 8-year old and parents.  We stop often to discuss and to answer questions.  It seems they are able to give their full attention much longer with this interactive method.

We generally follow the orders of Daily Prayer for Individuals and Families on pp. 295-298 in the LSB, although by this point no one needs to refer to the hymnal anymore.  Mom usually leads prayer in the morning and at noon as part of the schoolday, and Dad usually leads prayer at the close of the day.  Here is a list of the resources that we are making use of in our family right now.

What other resources are people using out there?