The Consortium for Classical and Lutheran Education invites all homeschoolers, classroom teachers, pastors, school administrators, and anyone interested in exploring classical Lutheran education to CCLE XIII hosted by Concordia Theological Seminary in Ft. Wayne, July 16-18, 2013.

Kramer Chapel

Entitled “Practicum for Classical Lutheran Educators,” this conference will feature for the first time 3-day intensive in-service opportunities. Such as:

  • How to teach Latin, three days with Joanna Hensley
  • Logistics of classroom design and management, three days with Jackquelyn Veith and Melinda Heine
  • Christian and non-Christian Worldviews, three days with Rev. Dr. Steven Hein
  • Classical Lutheran Pedagogy, three days with Rev. John Hill

In-service and break-out sessions include The Distinctively Lutheran Home School, Teaching Science Classically, Law & Gospel, Teaching Music Classically, Principles of Biblical Interpretation, and Teaching Children’s Literature. Speakers include Dr. Gene Edward Veith, Dr. E. Christian Kopff, Dr. John Nordling, Claudia Nieminen, and Cheryl Swope. For more information, visit or contact Cheryl at¬†Registration for CCLE XIII is $175. Early registration before May 31, 2013 is $150 and includes a complimentary CCLE Resource Guide CD. Registration information will soon be available at our website. All instructional sessions will begin early Tuesday morning, July 16, so plan to arrive in Ft. Wayne on Monday.

At CCLE XIII, we will announce the new CCLE Educator Certification Program for classroom teachers, college students, homeschoolers, and anyone wishing to become certified as a CCLE Classical Lutheran Educator. Much more information on the substance and process of CCLE Educator Certification will be provided at CCLE XIII, July 16-18, 2013. We look forward to seeing you there.