Are “classical education” and “Lutheran education” the same thing?  Dr. Steven Hein suggests that what many refer to today as a classical education is in fact the traditional Lutheran education.

“When we think in terms of the history of education in the Western world, it was actually Luther who, for the very first time, blended together an education that united the traditional liberal arts education of the Greco-Roman world with Lutheran catechesis, and this was the education that Luther instituted there in the 16th century, not just for pastors, but for those of all vocations – boys and girls alike.  So rather than talking about a classical AND Lutheran education, we are simply trying to advocate going back to the original Lutheran education, that Luther and the reformers in Wittenberg instituted, that eventually took over the model for what education ought to be also in Reformed and Roman Catholic camps all throughout Europe.”Hein also touches on critical reasoning skills, language skills, worldviews, Latin, and more in this informative program.

Listen to the episode heard on Issues Etc. on Feb 15, 2013.