Our children download library books onto their iPod Touch devices with the OverDrive app, which is supported by many libraries now.  This allows them to access a wide variety of books at home on demand, with no car trip required.  However, a few times this summer, we noticed that they were reading stories that were “too silly” or “just dumb.”  Too many children’s authors these days have apparently decided that literary pablum with sugar added is a good diet for 5-10 year-olds, and, in step with the spirit of the times, some of them even managed to put in a touch of social re-engineering here and there.

The challenge for us was that, even if we read the synopsis before approving a book, we couldn’t always be sure we had a good novel on our hands.  So to give our children more guidance in their extra-curricular reading choices, we printed the Good Books List provided by the Classical Christian Education Support Loop.  Our kids have blanket permission to download any book from this list.  Check it out here:

1,000 Good Books List

In our rush as parents to encourage our children to read, let’s make sure the material they are reading is worth the effort.